Costs Associated With Selling Your House

- Tuesday 16, January 2024 -


Selling your house isn’t likely to be cheap. When you add it all up, the cost of selling a home can sometimes be anywhere from 15 to 20% of the sale price or more.

Here are some of the costs to be ready for:

  • Fixing and staging the home: The costs of fixing up things that are wrong and staging the home (especially if you use a professional).
  • Fixing things contingent to sale: Sometimes when you have a potential buyer they’ll agree to purchase, but only contingent on certain things being fixed.
  • Real estate agent fees: agent fees to buyer and seller’s agent can be anywhere from 5-6% of the sale price. Marketing your home can be quite expensive when you factor in all the listing fees which include the cost of news paper and online website advertising, signs and showings.
  • Closing fees: Closing fees can be hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on Lawyer's fees, transfer TAX , registration and stamp duties. Also, fees associated to getting a mortgage eg. negotiation, surveyors identification, valuation and registration..
  • Miscellaneous fees: Sometimes there will be other miscellaneous fees like paying up outstanding Land Taxes, Utility bills, and Strata maintenance fees, etc

When it comes down to it, to properly fix, stage and market your house can potentially cost thousands of dollars, so be sure you’re ready for the cost when you go in.

However a properly prepared and priced house sells quickly!!!