Charmane Codlin - Founder & CEO

- Tuesday 16, January 2024 -

Mrs. Charmane Hope Codlin has been a Real Estate Professional for over thirty (30) years. Mrs. Codlin is a visionary whose sense of purpose, perseverance and dedication has carried her throughout the years, allowed her to weather the ups and downs of the market, and allowed her to succeed in her chosen field.

Mrs Codlin began her Real Estate career in 1979 at Stiebel and Company as a sales agent.  She gained a lot of experience from the Broker Mr. Donald Stiebel who  served  as President of the Realtors Association of Jamaica.  After leaving Stiebel and Company, she joined Acceleration Limited and worked as General Manager and Director. There she expanded her portfolio into Property Management, Sales Management and Public Relations.

Mrs Codlin joined the Realtors Association of Jamaica in 1985, and was the Honorary Secretary until 1992.  Mrs. Codlin has served as first and second vice President of the Association and sat on the committee formulated to create a training course for persons who could not be grandfathered into the new Real Estate rules and regulations, and were perverting the Act.

During that time Mrs. Codlin was involved with Public Relations and Marketing for the Association. The aim was to let the public be aware of the new regulations and the benefits of developing a good relationship with their Realtor. She and her fellow Realtors appeared in the Gleaner and on the radio promoting the work of the Association.

Eventually it became clear that the Association needed its own home base.  Mrs Codlin was instrumental in acquiring the first premises for the Association. Along with Mrs. Janet Phillips , Mrs Shelia Polack and Mrs Valerie Levy, she organized fund raising activities. The proceeds were used to secure  the property, and the repairs needed to improve the facilities. That secretariat was eventually sold and the present offices at 40 Shortwood Road purchased.

In 1987 Mrs Codlin became a registered member of the International Real Estate Institute (IREI), which is the world’s largest International Real Estate Association with members in over 100 countries.

Mrs Codlin founded Hope Codlin and Associates in 1990,.  Her business and life motto is “Service backed by Expertise, Experience and Integrity”. Two years later, in 1992 Mrs Codlin was nominated to the Real Estate Board of Jamaica , serving for 6 years until 1998.  

 In 1993 Mrs Codlin became President of the Real Realtors Association, taking over the reins from Mrs. Valery Levy. This is a post she held for five (5) terms until 1998. During her tenure as head of the Association, the first  Multiple Listing System (MLS) rules were designed and developed, and the scope for increasing membership of the organization was undertaken. 

She was the guest speaker for the first Dealer  Real Estate Course Graduation held at the University of Technology.

Early on, Mrs Codlin realized that great performances should be rewarded and initiated the first award for the top Salesman from each company. Each year these individuals are celebrated at the RAJ awards ceremony. 

Mrs Codlin has represented the Association both locally and overseas. She has represented the RAJ at Realtors Conferences in Bahamas, and made presentations in Atlanta, Miami and New Orleans.

Mrs Codlin has served on the RAJ council for over twenty years. She has a firm understanding of contract and real estate law, and has chaired  several committees including the Disciplinary, Fund Raising, Membership and Ethics.

In 2002 the RAJ recognized her for 20 years of Dedicated and Excellent service to the Association. She was made a Life Member in 2015.

Mrs. Codlin is a very people oriented person, who enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. Outside of the Association she is an active member of the St Andrew Parish Church, former president of the Belvedere Citizen Association, and a former Lioness.  Mrs. Codlin loves interior decorating, gardening, travelling and spending time with her  children and grand-children.  Mrs. Codlin is the widow of the late Raphael D. Codlin, Attorney-at-Law.